Main Subjects = Atomic - molecular
Computational and theoretical study of electronic, spectroscopic and chemical properties of (ZnS)n (n≤4) nanoclusters

Volume 10, Issue 2, August 2020, Pages 111-124


Marzieh Nadafan; ehsan talebian; Maryam Tofangsaz Rahimi; Javid Zamir Anvari

Photothermal Lens Spectroscopy for Detection of Metallic Impurities in Water

Volume 9, Issue 4, February 2020, Pages 69-75


Fatemeh Matroodi; Humberto Cabrera; Dorota Korte

Quantum cooling simulation in an Opto-mechanical cavity, using Python

Volume 8, Issue 16, June 2018, Pages 95-100


Mahmoud Sadeghi; Vahid Ameri; Kamran Jallabpour

Design and Analysis of Plasmonic Switch at mid-IR Wavelengths with Graphene Nano-Ribbons

Volume 8, Issue 16, June 2018, Pages 101-105


Fatemeh Moradiani; Mahmood Seifouri; Kambiz Abedi

Propagation of electrostatic drift waves in nonuniform and nonideal quantum magnetoplasma

Volume 8, Issue 16, June 2018, Pages 107-114


ahmad mehramiz; Babak Mohammadhoseini; Elham Shabansoleimani

Effect of quantum forces on the electromagnetic ion waves in a spin quantum plasma

Volume 8, Issue 16, June 2018, Pages 115-122


Hossein Lotfi Gogarchin; ahmad mehramiz