Investigation of synchronization for similar and non-similar systems

Document Type : Full length research Paper


1 Department of Physics, Yasouj University

2 Department of Physics, Zanjan University


There are several methods to synchronize chaotic systems. In this work, we have proposed the adaptive synchronization to study the three interesting systems. These systems are Rössler-Rössler, Liu-Liu, and Liu-Rössler. We have simulated the synchronization of the systems under different circumstances. A numerical simulation of synchronization between the proposed systems demonstrates that the systems can synchronize with this method perfectly even in the presence of unknown parameters. We have deduced that the synchronization speed in the first system (Rössler-Rössler) is faster than the rest. Also, the second system (Liu-Liu) is synchronized faster than the third system. According to the results obtained in this paper, we can say that the adaptive synchronization works better on similar systems such as Rössler-Rössler and Liu-Liu.


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