The effects of different polymers on structural and magnetic properties of cobalt ferrite prepared using by Sol- gel method

Document Type : Full length research Paper


1 Department of Physics, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran

2 Department of Physics, Payamenor University, Iran


In this study the effect of different polymers (PVA, PVP, PEG and EG) on the structural and magnetic properties of the cobalt ferrite with general formulae CoFe2O4 have been investigated. The structural, morphological and magnetic properties of the samples have been studied by X- ray diffraction (XRD), Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR), Field emission scanning electron microscopy (FE- SEM) and Vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM). X-ray diffraction measurements along with Rietveld refinement confirmed the crystalline structure for all the ferrites prepared. The magnetic properties of samples indicated that maximum (71 emu/g) and minimum (50emu/g) amount of saturation magnetization was achieved for samples prepared using PEG and PVP, respectively. Moreover, maximum (1200 Oe) and minimum (904 Oe) amount of coercivity was achieved for samples prepared using PVA and PEG, Respectively. Our results indicate that it is possible to tune magnetic properties of ferrites by using different polymers during the preparation process.


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