Investigating the Effect of Scintillator Size on the Shape of Response Function of NE102 and NE213 Detectors for Gamma Rays

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1 1School of Physics, Damghan University, Damghan, Iran

2 nuclear physics, physics, damghan university ,damghan, Iran


The effect of size scintillator on the shape of the response function for cylindrical NE213 and NE102 organic scintillation detectors have been studied. The response function of scintillators with different size when exposed to 137Cs, 60Co and 22Na gamma sources have been simulated using MCNPX-PHOTRACK hybrid code and then measured. Using the simulated and experimental response functions, the influence of the size of scintillator on the shape of the response function, efficiency, energy resolution and energy resolution function of NE102 and NE213 detectors have been calculated. The comparison confirms that the simulated efficiencies and energy resolutions of scintillators represents a promising agreement with experimental data and previously published experiments.


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