Investigating the variation of energy and nonlinear propagation of dust ion-acoustic waves in multi component magnetized dusty plasma

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Nonlinear propagation and energy of dust ion acoustic waves in magnetized dusty plasma with Fermi-Dirac distributed inertia less electrons and positrons, cold classical ions and negative dust grains which are affected by dust charge variations, are studied using the quantum hydrodynamic theory. The Zakharov-Kuznetsov (ZK) equation is derived by employing the reductive perturbation technique which governs the dynamics of small-amplitude solitary waves in magnetized dusty plasma. The properties of the energy and solitary wave structures are analyzed numerically with the system parameters .To show these we study the behavior of dust ion acoustic wave as well as its energy for several values of the electron cyclotron to electron plasma frequency ratio ( ), dust concentration (d), non dimensional quantum parameter (H) and the direction cosine of the wave propagation vector with the Cartesian coordinates (l), keeping the other plasma parameters fixed. The results of the present research can be useful for future investigations of astrophysical dusty plasma.


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