A generalization for Fresnel's coefficients (transmission and reflection) in semi- bounded plasma waveguides and the effect of plasma temperature on them

Document Type : Full length research Paper


Department of Laser and photonics , Faculty of Physics, University of Kashan, Kashan, Iran


In this paper, propagation of electromagnetic waves in a cylindrical waveguide with two different regions and with circular cross-section is investigated. The incident wave in symmetric mode TM0j is sent from the first media to the second media which the first is a filled loss-free dielectric semi-bounded metallic waveguide. The second region of the waveguide is a metallic waveguide with a plasma rod which is isolated by a thin dielectric layer from the metallic wall of the waveguide. The considered plasma rod in the waveguide is assumed in warm approximation. The generation of the new modes for reflected and transmitted waves investigated and by using the mode matching technique, the reflection and transmission coefficients are obtained as a function of the temperature of plasma charged carriers. It is shown that the reflected and transmitted waves have phase difference with respect to the incident wave. The graphs of reflection and transmission coefficients and so the graphs of their phase difference for some elementary modes in terms of the variations of the plasma temperature are presented.


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