Traversable wormholes in Einsteinian cubic gravity with variable red-shift functions

Document Type : Full length research Paper


Faculty of physics, Shahid Bahonar University of Kermanaz, Iran


In this work, we study wormhole solutions described by a radial dependent red-shift function in Einstein-cubic gravity. We derive wormhole solutions by assuming a particular equation of state and check the standard energy conditions. These solutions by imposing suitable values the parameters of the theory satisfy the weak energy condition in the vicinity of the throat. We calculate the null and time-like geodesic equations in the space-time of the wormhole solutions. In addition, by using these solutions and the effective potential formalism, some geodesics are classified. We discuss the geodesics of the test particles and classify them according to the particle’s energy and angular momentum. Finally, using gravitational lensing effects, observational features of the wormhole structure are discussed.


Main Subjects

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