Prepare and arrange a variety of articles

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  Attach the letter of commitment signed by the corresponding author whose name is marked by an asterisk (*) in the article. If the corresponding author is a student, it is necessary to send the approval of his / her supervisor. It is necessary to fill out and submit this form.

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Prepare and arrange a variety of articles
An article that includes original and innovative results and achievements in one of the branches related to the topics of the magazine. The text of this type of article has a maximum of 12,000 words (approximately 16 pages of the magazine including figures and tables).
Short article:
An article containing the concise results of an original research in one of the branches related to the topics of the journal. The text of this type of article has a maximum of 2000 words (approximately 3 pages of the magazine including figures and tables).
Article Review:
A short article that reviews the important and influential errors of an article published in the journal in some areas such as hypotheses, methods, arguments, results and interpretations, proposes the method of correcting it and the final effect of the proposed proposals on the structure and Describes the achievements of the article. A critical article will be submitted for comment by the original authors and then judged along with their response. If approved by the judges, the relevant review and response will be published only once and the journal will refrain from resuming critical discussions about the article in question. The text of the critical article as well as the relevant answer has a maximum of 1500 words (two pages of the magazine).
An article written by professors and researchers who have done a lot of research and studies in the field of one of the topics of the journal and have authored numerous works in that field. The purpose of such articles is not to present new results, but to acquaint the scientific community with the latest developments in that particular subject. Review articles clarify current knowledge of researchers in the field and pave the way for future research. The text of such articles has a maximum of 18,000 words (approximately 24 pages of the magazine including figures and tables). A review article is usually published in response to the editor's invitation to a prominent scholar. However, eligible researchers can submit the title of the proposed review articles along with their list of authors for review to the journal office.
The Journal of Multi-Particle Systems Research invites all professors, researchers and experts of Persian language inside and outside the country to help this journal in achieving its goals and helping to develop the frontiers of knowledge by sending valuable articles.


2- The main text of the article along with the full name and address of the author or authors should be typed on an A4 page with a line spacing of 1 cm and a margin of 3 cm on both sides of the page and a distance of 4 cm from the top of the page according to the article template.
3- Attach the letter of commitment signed by the Corresponding author, whose name is indicated by the symbol (star*) in the article. If the author is in charge of the student, it is necessary to send the approval of his / her supervisor. The responsible author must enter the information and organizational affiliations of his fellow authors correctly in accordance with the journal standard in the system.
4- The abstract of the article in both Persian and English languages ​​should be entered up to 200 words in the designated place of the article submission website.
5. The article should be arranged in such a way that the introduction and purpose, experimental methods or theoretical principles, discussion and interpretation of the results as well as references are separated in order and the details of each of them are mentioned. Figures must provide accurate scientific results.

6- Tables, charts and figures should be of high quality, editable and in bold and printable in the journal, and be marked in the place indicated in the text of the article and with the numbers referred to in the text of the article. Tables (1 to ...) and figures (1 to ...) should be numbered consecutively in the text. The title of each table should explain the content of the table and include the definition of the symbols. Column and unit titles and very simple and concise table contents without numbers and subtitles appear in the text.
The width of the shapes should be 7 cm the width of a columnar manuscript. Use 2 columns for more details of this width. Authors are also required to submit all figures electronically. Preferred formats are: .ps, .eps, .pdf, .jpg, and .png. List the numbers and figures in the order of reference in the text of the numbers
Shape descriptions should be written below the figure to clearly summarize the contents of the figure. Define shape symbols and curves in the shape itself or in the subtitle: Label the following shapes (a), (b), etc., and include descriptions for each page provided in the subtitle.
Do not send photos of scanned images as the resolution may not be sufficient. If you need to use scanned images, do high-resolution scans (preferably 600 dpi or higher) and then scale the shape to its final size. If settings are made on images, such as changing its brightness, specify this setting in the caption of the figure.

7- Format Citation Guide

8- In writing the article, the use of Latin words and terms should be avoided and their acceptable and new Persian equivalents should be used as much as possible.
9- The number of pages of the article should be adjusted based on the type of article defined in the definitions section of preparing and arranging the types of articles.
10. The responsible author must mention the name and surname, e-mail address and name of the university where the three proposed referees related to the subject of the article are located in the appropriate place on the website
11- The complete file of the article in two formats pdf and word and registered in English letters along with the request file of the responsible author should be sent through the website
12- The editorial board of the journal intends to send the result of judging the article to the author within 6 months if the article is approved in the initial review. After the final acceptance of the article and online-publication in the journal.
Printable material will be accepted as article, short article, article review and review article.